Tell the banks: unblock Cuba! 24 July 18:00 BST

Join Cuba Support Group Ireland, Rock Around the Blockade (Britain), and Cubanismo (Belgium) in our online launch event for the new campaign to challenge British and European banks’ compliance with the illegal US blockade of Cuba.

With guest speakers:

Johanna Tablada – General Deputy Director of US affairs at the Cuban Foreign Minister.

Vijay Prashad – Executive Director of the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research and author of ‘Washington Bullets’.

Helen Yaffe – Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and author of ‘We are Cuba: How a revolutionary people have survived in a Post-Soviet world’.

UK and European banks are illegally complying with US sanctions against Cuba. Bank accounts and transactions meant to support Cuba by raising funds for humanitarian aid or for commercial purposes have been embargoed by banks in third countries; this extraterritorial application of the US blockade against Cuba is a violation of international, UK and European law and affects everyone!

With the UK and European states determined not to challenge the US’s 60-year blockade of Cuba, it is time for direct action. Cuba solidarity groups are coming together to organise a broad campaign to challenge the banks – through coordinated civil action, legal challenges and street protest, we intend to make the US blockade of Cuba unenforceable for the banks in the UK and Europe. This campaign aims to involve as many people and organisations as possible for maximum effect.

Join our online campaign launch to learn how you or your organisation can take part in this mobilisation.

Sunday 24 July, 17.00 UTC / 18.00 BST / 19.00 CEST.

Register to attend: