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Step 2: complain to the bank

If the bank rejects your payment, you may receive a telephone call explaining why they rejected it. This is when you get the opportunity to make your protest against the inhumanity of the US sanctions and expose your bank’s collusion in genocide.
First Response:
Firstly, you ask the bank for a written explanation for why the transfer was not provided. You must ask for this in writing. The bank will provide casual, partial or misleading information: do not accept this. Insist on a full description of the reason the transaction failed. Give them one chance to do this. And limit this to 5 working days. The suggested text is as follows:
Thank you for your <email/text/message> of <Date>. I must insist on a written explanation of your reason(s) to refuse to make the transfer I instructed, in accordance with your duties as a regulated banking services provider. I request that this explanation be provided within five(5) working days from the date of this email, in default of which I will bring the matter to the attention of the Financial Services Ombudsman.

Write to the bank’s complaints department by email or letter. You should be able to find the address on their website.

Second Response:
Even if the explanation is perfect (it won’t be), the next response is:
Thank you for your explanation of the reasons for the failure of my transaction. I am not willing to accept this and ask that the internal complaints process be initiated to provide me with a full written legal basis for the failure to make the transfer in accordance with the relevant <European/UK> Banking Regulations. Please confirm in writing  when you have initiated this complaints process and within five working days of this email, at the latest.

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