Unblock Cuba Campaign in Germany Proposes action surrounding the UN Vote on the blockade

Below we republish a call to action from the Unblock Cuba campaign in Germany, suggesting actions to coincide with the UN vote on the US blockade of Cuba and the upcoming international tribunal at the European Parliament:

Hello dear comrades, dear friends of Cuba,

since the online kick-off event with Fernando in March in Berlin, individual Unblock Cuba actions have been carried out again in many cities and countries.

  • Recently we have been supporting the very important international campaign “Let Cuba live!” to collect 1 million signatures to remove Cuba from the US list of “Terror Supporting States” (SSOT) > https://www.letcubalive.info/ All groups and activists should please spread this.
  • Further, we should all support the “1c4cuba” banking campaign, which aims to audit banks for executing or blocking remittances related to Cuba (https://1c4cuba.eu/).

On August 30, the UNBLOCK CUBA organizing group discussed next activities and makes the following suggestions:

BEFORE: In the week before the UN vote (1-2 Nov) there should again be an intensive week: 27 Oct to 2 Nov. In this week BEFORE the UN vote, as many and sensational activities as possible should be carried out. We propose a joint day of action for Saturday, Oct. 28, to focus transnational public impact.

AFTER: Immediately after the announcement of the UN vote result, follow-up activities should take place on Saturday, Nov. 4, in order to bring the hitherto mostly blocked dissemination of the result as broadly as possible to the media and the public.

In both phases, access to appropriate and important media, to individual politicians and relevant organizations – also beyond our movement (!) – must be attempted.

At the same time, our UNBLOCK CUBA activities should be tuned in to and draw attention to the International Tribunal, which will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels on Nov. 16-17. It is also urgent to approach the media, the public and politics about this, especially by referring to the extraterritorial effects, violations of human and international law, economic damages, as well as the resistance of all of us.

It is important to use our common UNBLOCK-CUBA-website: https://www.unblock-cuba.org/ as well as Tel.: 030 / 53 63 55-10. There you will find current information and reports/pictures of actions, there all our activities should be reported briefly (incl. photos). Material can also be ordered here: [email protected]

In order to coordinate on the proposed actions and dates – and other proposals – a Europe-wide UNBLOCK-CUBA online meeting is proposed. It will be held together with the important online meeting of the Tribunal’s Political Commission: Thursday, Sept. 14, 7 p.m. (CET) or 1 p.m. Cuban time zone. If you would like to attend, please register at: [email protected].

All our actions and the further actions in numerous other countries and continents must urgently create tangible, effective momentum for Cuba to be the first to be taken off the list of terror-supporting states (SSOT), for the blockade to be eased and circumvented, and finally obsolete and abolished!