[Complaints department address for your bank]

[Day Month Year]

Re: [Rejection/delay] of international payment

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a [Bank name] customer. I made a payment of [£/€0.01] initiated on [date] from account [****account number] going to [MediCuba-Europa/1c4C/Globalize Solidarity].

[Include this paragraph if the review team has already contacted you.] The Account Review Team provided me with the reference number [########]. I was informed by a member of the team that my transaction was flagged up by an internal system and [rejected/is being reviewed] on the basis of [Bank name]’s sanctions
policies in regard to Cuba.

I would like to open a formal complaint that my payment should not have been [rejected/delayed by the review process]. I have been given no satisfying explanation from [Bank name] as to why such a transaction should be [rejected/reviewed], given that Cuba is not on any [your country of jurisdiction e.g. Irish] Government sanctions
list and there is no [your country of jurisdiction e.g. Irish] law against sending money to Cuba for humanitarian or commercial purposes, let alone to [Switzerland/Britain/Belgium], a third country.

I expect a reply to my complaint within five working days.

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