Statement: Let Cuba rebuild after Hurricane Ian

The Revolutionary Communist Group and Rock around the Blockade are calling on all friends and supporters of Cuba to give what they can to help the island rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Ian.

The storm hit the western part of Cuba on 27 September. Civil Defence organisations were mobilised and preparations made for evacuation, with 50,000 people moved out of the affected regions such as Pinar del Río province. Yet the damage is substantial. Two people in Cuba are reported to have died as a result of the Hurricane, and over 4,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. Agriculture, including tobacco-growing enterprises, is badly affected. The storm caused chaos for Cuba’s energy grid, which was totally knocked out across the island for almost two days before gradually being restored in different areas. By midday on 29 September, nearly two thirds of Havana’s residences and half its hospitals still lacked electricity.

The struggle to rebuild homes, schools, medical centres and infrastructure will depend on international solidarity. The illegal US blockade is not only responsible for Cuba’s difficulty in maintaining a robust energy infrastructure to withstand events like Hurricane Ian; in emergencies such as this, the US vindictively restricts Cuba’s ability to receive donations of money and material aid, as well as importing the materials needed for reconstruction.

We are adding our voice to those calling for:

  • generous donations to Cuba’s recovery effort
  • the immediate lifting of US sanctions against Cuba, including the fraudulent designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism
  • international solidarity actions to oppose the extraterritorial application of the blockade by non-US financial institutions, for example by supporting the #1c4Cuba campaign

Details of the 1c4Cuba campaign are found at You can donate to Cuba’s recovery effort using the bank details below. If your donation is blocked or delayed in any way by your bank, we urge you to complain to the bank and tell us at [email protected] so we can support you to challenge financial sanctions against Cuba.

Please send donations directly to:


City: LA HABANA, Country: CUBA


Account: 0300000005336242 BIC: BFICCUHHXXX

Subject: Emergency Donation

Alternative options:

NETWORK CUBA e.V., Berlin, Germany

DE28 4306 0967 1206 4415 00


Keyword: “Donation Hurricane Ian” (we will transfer the money directly to the responsible institution in Cuba)

Cuba Support Group Ireland fund for medical supplies for Cuba

People’s Forum fundraiser for Hurricane Ian and letter writing campaign to US President Biden

Let Cuba Rebuild (