1c4Cuba – The campaign against EU banking’s collusion in genocide

The #1c4Cuba campaign is a customer lead financial attack on the US Blockade of Cuba launched from Ireland, using the Irish banking system. 

The campaign focuses on the current illegal application of United States law on Irish territory, by Irish banks.  Yes, you read that correctly: Irish banks are breaking Irish law and EU banking law, so they can enforce an illegal blockade on Cuba on behalf of the US government. 

Of course they deny this, they see it as following “good banking practice” (following orders?), or “complying with international regulations” (being good Germans?). Well, let’s see how those excuses hold up: we’re going to call their bluff. We are going to use their own banking systems, mechanisms and protocols to expose their collusion in the genocide being prepretated against the ordinary people of Cuba.

The first phase of the campaign asks Irish people to simply transfer one cent from their AIB, BofI or PTSB account to any bank account in Ireland. The digital magic starts when it is tagged it with “#1c4Cuba” in the transaction description box.

We want you to make this electronic funds transfer on 1 May 2021. Hell, why not break the bank: transfer 10cents in ten separate 1c transactions, all tagged with #1c4Cuba. Screen grab the transaction confirmation and email it to us at #[email protected].

Don’t worry: all of this is perfectly legal. You have a right, as the customer of an Irish bank, to transfer 1c to the account of anyone you choose in Ireland. You can tag it with any text you choose. The recipient can even transfer it right back to you (that counts as two transactions!).

If you want to see the effect of the blockade on the people of Cuba check out this video: The War on Cuba — Episode 1 – YouTube

You have the power to stop this injustice. Transfer 1-cent on 1-May tagged #1c4Cuba. And follow the campaign @#1c4Cuba on social media.